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  Jeannette Smith

ISSA Fitness Trainer

Hiring a coach can help you achieve success in many ways. As your coach I can give you the proper tools to achieve your specific health and fitness goals and prevent you from wasting any time spinning your wheels trying diets or fads that don’t work.
As your coach I will hold you accountable to your training and nutrition when your initial motivation may be waning. I can teach you to incorporate your new habits to make them a sustainable lifestyle. Your healthy lifestyle can stay with you for years to come and help you to always maintain balanced health and fitness.
Finally, I can help keep you grounded and focused and answer questions you may have. I will be a constant sounding board when there are challenges.


General Fitness

  • 1. one time meal plan with macros and
    calories $50

    2. on-going meal plans and nutrition
    guidance $75.00 per month.

    3. 2 workouts in person per week plus all
    nutrition guidance and meal plans $280.00
    per month plus gym membership (which is $28
    per month.)

    4. 3 workouts in person per week plus all
    nutrition guidance and meal plans $360.00
    per month plus gym membership.

    5. online personal training which includes 3
    workouts sent per week (I also send videos
    on how to do the workouts) plus all on-going
    nutrition training $175.00 per month

Competition Prep

  • I offer a complete competition prep package of $175 per month. That includes all nutrition for entire prep, peak week protocol, reverse diet. Also includes all your workouts. I send workouts monthly or more often as needed. They change as your show gets closer.

    Every workout is individual. Depending on your strong and weak areas. Usually I send 4-5 workouts
    every few weeks depending on how often you lift and the split we decide to use. I also advise on cardio frequency, duration, and type.

    Most importantly I offer daily advice on EVERYTHING. I keep in touch with all my competitors almost daily. And of course I’m here for any questions, concerns, meltdowns lol etc. I also offer posing sessions if you can come to Pittsburgh. No extra charge for those. We can also do posing over video and I can offer advice and critique.

    I recommend supplements i.e. Protein, BCAAS, but I don’t endorse any particular brand. And if your show is not far away I make every effort to attend show and coach you through every aspect of it.

    I love coaching competitors who are serious and I get as involved as they need me.

All on-going training, whether in-person or online, includes almost daily contact with me via text or email giving you support and guidance. I stay in very close communication with my clients. I answer all questions and give feedback. This includes a weekly weigh in and progress pictures sent at least monthly.

Hope this answers any questions. Hopefully one of my packages will suit you!

I look forward to training you!



I became a certified fitness trainer in 2007 through ISSA and hold a BA in Criminology from Indiana University of PA. I have always had a love for fitness and played many sports through my high school years. I began to get serious about fitness and nutrition in 2006 under the guidance of an international natural bodybuilder. Soon after,  I began working on my certification and then began my fitness training career.

In 2013 I began my own career as a natural bodybuilder. I am a Figure Pro in the IPE and WNBF federations. I have placed as high as 4th in an NPC national competition. I began coaching competitors in 2015 and through my methods have helped clients achieve a lot of success both in the bodybuilding capacity and general fitness capacity.

My approach to fitness and nutrition is incorporating it into one’s life as a lifestyle. When breaking old habits, new habits must be formed. I work with my clients to achieve this. I coach on the importance of macro nutrients and caloric balance, resistance training, and cardiovascular training. All three components must be present for success.

My passions are being a coach and witnessing my clients achieve their goals. If I can play a small role in helping guide someone into better health, better self-esteem, longevity, and happiness, I have done my job.



  • Jeannette Smith is a great trainer.

    I can’t say enough good things about the experience. If you work at it, you will get results. I lost the weight I desired, and was able to get some  tone and definition. I am an older lady, so balance and strength are really important to me. Jeanette can work with you to meet your goals, no matter where you are in life. She is committed to her craft, reasonably priced, flexible in scheduling and a nice person to boot!

    I can recommend her without hesitation!!!

    Sarah Frank

  • I was nervous and uncertain about competing in figure but Jeanette provided me with an outstanding diet plan that helped me lose 30lbs and look amazing on stage!
    She helped me learn the ropes of competing by guiding me through everything from posing down to which heels I needed. Not only did I win my class but took home an overall winner
    trophy as well. It was an amazing experience that I never could have done without her!”


  • I initially obtained Jeannette’s contact information through a friend at my local gym
    (Columbus, Ohio). I contacted her and interviewed her over the phone May 2016. I
    was in the process of interviewing an hiring a coach for my first figure (body building)

    Her response to my message was within a few hours. We spoke over the phone and she
    answered all of my questions. Ultimately I ended up hiring her for prep and started with her in July 2016. I competed in my first competition 10/2016 followed by a second one 2 weeks later. Jeannette was quick with responses, same day, usually within 30 minutes, which is what I needed. With her coaching and guidance and my compliance, together we created a great package for the stage! I ended up doing well in both competitions, winning overall Novice division in one of the competitions.

    Meredith Clark

  • She will not let you down. A little over a year ago I was struggling with my eating habits.I was lifting weights and doing cardio on a regular schedule. I was eating what i thought was a well rounded diet. But I had reached a plateau. And the scale would not budge. I was frustrated to say the least.I decided to contact Jeannette in the hopes that she could help me cross that hurdle.From the very beginning she was very attentive and caring, asking me about my daily routine, personal likes and dislikes concerning my eating habits.In four short months following that plan along with my fitness routine not only had i crossed over that plateau, I had supassed my goal and lost more than I had even anticipated. Jeannette was there for me every step of the way. Always checking in with me and motivating me. Recently, I set another goal for myself. And of course I am once again working with Jeannette. There is no other choice for me.
    Do yourself a favor and contact her about your fitness goals and meal planning needs. I promise you that the journey is better with her at your side.


  • Jeanette started out as my nutrition and posing coach but evolved into a life long friend. She designed a program that was flexible and changed my mindset from “diet” to “lifestyle”. She is extremely responsive and would text me new foods that I could try and incorporate while prepping for my show. I was never comfortable posing however Jeanette would pose by my side until she felt I was relaxed. We would record the session and I’d review for adjustments at home. It became the norm for her to say “Hey we’re posing tonight” even if I didn’t have a session. This is when I began noticing she cares for my wellbeing as a person and I wasn’t just another client. Jeanette is a major reason I earned my pro card and I’m forever thankful for that and her friendship today.

    DJ Meyers


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